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The band Six and Out performing onstage.


An invite from PM Anthony Albanese to play a gig, gets Legendary Aussie Cricketing Rockers SIX & OUT Back On Stage performing for the first time in 20 years. The guys had so much fun that they decided to once again combine their love of cricket with a live ROCK show. With Brett Lee’s day job as a commentator on FOX sports, it’s been almost impossible for SIX & OUT to perform so they are taking the band to Brett for three shows while he is commentating the Australia V Pakistan test matches in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. So if you a fan of cricket or a fan of Aussie Rock ’n’ Roll, then here is your chance to see these legendary cricketing rockers back on stage where they belong.


But let’s first rewind to circa 2000 when five NSW and Australian test cricketers Brett Lee, Shane Lee, Gavin Robertson, Richard Chee Quee & Brad McNamara would play cricket for their state and country during the day then sweat it out performing their brand of cool covers and their iconic hit Can’t Bowl, Can’t Throw to packed venues Australia wide. Now fast forward to the summer of 23/24 and the boys are back in town and smashing it out of the park once again.


If you're a fan of cricket or Aussie Rock 'n' Roll, here's your chance to see these legendary cricketing rockers back on stage where they belong.

But let's first rewind to circa 2000. Five NSW and Australian test cricketers Brett Lee, Shane Lee, Gavin Robertson, Richard Chee Quee & Brad McNamara played for their country during the day and sweat it out with cool covers and their iconic hit Can't Bowl, Can't Throw to packed venues Australia wide.

Fast forward to the summer of 23/24: the boys are back in town and smashing it out the park again. Will the Shane Warne reference be a hit once more?


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Brett Lee - Bass Guitar Musician for Six and Out


As well as being Six & Out's bass guitarist of choice, Brett "Binga" Lee is also Australia's 3rd Highest Wicket Taker. Ever. That's right. On 718 occasions some poor bloke had to trudge off the pitch with his dreams shattered and his team wobbling from another 140km/h bouncer, yorker, full delivery aimed at off stump, you name it. Half of those poor sods probably couldn't tell you what kind of delivery it was, it zipped through them so quick.

Incredibly though cricket was not Brett's first love. That honour goes to music. That's why Binga looks so comfortable laying down fat bass grooves in the Six & Out engine room. The man who once gave opposition batsmen all kinds of diagnosable trauma now gives audiences the kind of low frequency that gets your booty shaking and your hips swaying.


Shane Lee is a double threat: guitar and vocals for Six & Out. As with music, he was a cricket all-rounder, assisting Australia in winning the World Cup in 1999. Throughout the 90s he established himself as a Master of The Middle Order, and an essential clutch bowler with his explosive medium-pace bowling. Who can forget his cracking 5 for against Sri Lanka at the MCG. Look it up on YouTube, it'll be the best 7 minutes you spend today.

But just like his younger sibling Brett, music is in Shane's blood. Give this man a guitar and he won't let it go until the party is well and truly over. This writer has seen him bust out banger after banger for hours at post gig shindigs. He knows them all, and some!

Shane Lee - Guitar, Vocals for Six and Out
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Gavin Robertson - Drums, Vocals for Six and Out


The great Gavin Robertson is another multitalented band member, simultaneously juggling drums and vocals. Studies have shown that he's also the nicest man ever to play cricket for Australia. And quite possibly one of the funniest. Playing in an era dominated by the legendary Shane Warne and Stuart MacGill, Robbo still managed to sneak one past both of them by playing a number of test and one dayers in Australian colours. He then exchanged his off-spin deliveries for verbal ones - making a name for himself as part of 2SM's Talkin' Sport.

His verbose anecdotes and hilarious reparte with callers have established him as the comedic centre of the team (well, according to this writer). And all of this while being one of the best drummers in this fine land of ours. Seriously, this guy has more rhythm than a hip hop club, and more groove than a record store.


Richard "Cheeks" Chee Quee is the band’s lead vocalist. As a cricketer Cheeks was as quick with his catches as he was between the wickets. Dubbed a 'lad' and 'cheeky' by the great Kenny Sutcliffe (make of that what you will), Cheeks finished his career with over 10,000 grade cricket runs and the scalps of many a top order batsmen in those safe hands of his.

But that was only the beginning. Cheeks found his true calling as front man of the greatest sports mad band this country has ever seen, Six & Out!

Richard Chee Quee - Vocals for Six and Out
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Brad McNamara - Guitar, vocals for Six and Out


Brad 'Buzzard' McNamara is the man behind the guitar. A commanding Medium Pace Bowler, Buzzard made the NSW colours his own during an epic 10 years for the Blues. Injuries may have cruelled his chances at an Australian debut, but his reputation as a fiercely stubborn competitor saw him walk straight into the higher echelons of the Channel Nine team upon retirement from cricket.

These days Buzzard keeps the Fox Cricket coverage World Class, whilst always finding time to churn out his favourite rock licks on his gorgeous Gibson Les Paul. Six & Out just wouldn't be the same without him.




Sports people and rock n roll fans haven't had much in common over the decades, but Six & Out have gone a long way to change that. The group formed in the 1990s and toured venues around Australia, but eventually stopped touring after releasing their final EP, Bring it On!

The band is back now and ready to take New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia by storm. For a taste of their tour, check the images from previous gigs.


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