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So much more than a list of questions

Professional Trivia Hosts


ESS Trivia Nights are all about providing an enjoyable, social experience for you and your friends or colleagues. Our professional trivia hosts go above and beyond simply reading questions from a sheet of paper. By engaging directly with players and injecting humour and personality into the game, they are able to transform a standard trivia night into a memorable social event.

All The Necessary Equipment


At ESS Trivia Nights, we provide all the necessary equipment to run a fantastic trivia event including a PA system, wireless microphones, question and answer sheets, visual media, and more. Our hosts will also supply their own comedic commentary and jokes to keep energy levels high throughout the night.

Customisable Trivia Themes


With a variety of trivia topics and themes to choose from, ESS Trivia Nights allow you to customize an unforgettable experience for your group. We aim to tailor each trivia night to the interests and skill levels of attendees in order to create a balanced, entertaining game that will have players eager to return for another round of trivia.

An Enjoyable Social Experience


Trivia is meant to be an enjoyable social activity above all else. The team at ESS Trivia Nights is dedicated to providing the best trivia experience, guaranteed to give you a fun and memorable night out with friends or colleagues.



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