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It can be the very thing that lifts an event from merely a function or dinner, into a memory that lasts years after the glasses have been cleared and the floors swept. It can raise the profile of a venue from a building with beer, food and footy on the TV’s, into a social destination, a yardstick by which other surrounding pubs and clubs are measured. 


At Entertainment Solutions Sydney our dream is our mission statement - to see our venues full of people celebrating life together, making memories through incredible Live Music, Trivia, Karaoke, and other entertainment options.


We offer tailor made solutions to give your patrons exactly what they want, whilst enabling new people to discover your venue, adding to your clientele and profits. Fabulous shows mixed with our marketing expertise ensures that you get returns on your entertainment investment.

Contact us today to find out how we can help grow your venue, or succeed with your function or event   

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