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Jeremy Spoke

Pearl Jam Tribute Band

Beloved by millions, Pearl Jam deserves nothing less than the best – and with members whose resumés feature some of the biggest names in the Oz music scene, Jeremy Spoke is Australia's GREATEST Pearl Jam Tribute Band!

Pouring their heart, soul and no small amount of sweat into every performance, Jeremy Spoke brings the experience of one of Seattle's, nay the world's greatest bands to the stage! With an endless list of legendary songs to draw from (Even Flow, The Fixer, Daughter, Just Breathe, Better Man, Last Kiss, and many more), Jeremy Spoke unleashes a night of blistering rock you won't soon forget!


Grunge is ALIVE!

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The Band
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Find information on all members on this page


Brett’s journey to the stage took slightly longer than most. Whiling away his 20’s in various forgettable occupations, it wasn’t until he stepped into an Open Mic run by The Big Foozle (check it on their own page - pretty cool) that he began to remember just how deep the music flowed in his veins.​

After several years, over a thousand Open Mics, solo gigs, duo gigs, karaoke hostings, late-night kebabs and brushes with rock royalty (scoring himself free entry to Mr Big and Extreme when the sound engineer thought ‘not many people can do what you do’) Brett now finds himself exactly where he was meant to be.

Possessed with a voice that drips with the deep, resonating sound of Eddie Vedder fed through an Ed Kowalczyk converter and run through a Chris Cornell plug-in, Brett is like an amalgamation of 90’s vocal tone. It’s like buying assorted creams instead of just a boring pack of Monte Carlo’s. You get the best of everything. There is no man (or biscuit) we would rather have fronting Jeremy Spoke.


Armed with the blood of 3 generations of musicians in his veins and a lifetime of jamming with two musical brothers - all learned from their Troubador father, Dan began his career fresh out of high school supporting some of Australia's best rock'n'roll acts including Spiderbait, Shihad, Mental as Anything & The Screaming Jets.

Dan then spent the next decade touring with various projects across the USA, UK, Europe & Canada. A decade of tours produced highlights such as playing LA's world-famous rock 'n' roll dive bar The Viper Room (supporting Kate Miller-Heidke), Scotland's Wickerman Festival as well as recording with producers responsible for shaping the sounds of Paul McCartney, U2, The Rubens & Silverchair.

Between international tours fronting "Dan Romeo and The Lone Strangers" with brother, lead guitarist and co-producer John Romeo, Dan takes the stage with his brothers in Jeremy Spoke, bringing a presence and energy that only someone of his pedigree is capable of.

Dan Romeo playing hits from a Pearl Jam album
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John Romeo, the talent of a generation


Some guys pick up a guitar because it looks cool, some think it will make them more popular (I was one of them, it didn’t work), and others lose themselves in it from the first moment they hold it. Then, there are those rare chosen few who, even as infants, couldn’t fall asleep without a guitar pick in hand. John Romeo is one of those few.

John’s passion for the guitar started at an early age when he was attracted to his dad’s guitar collection and yearned to make them sing like his father. Over the years, his commitment to pure tone has seen him develop into one of the greatest wielders of the mythical axe in this fine city of ours. From the late 90s onwards, when most guys were fantasising about singers such as Cosima Devito, Melissa Tkautz and Jessica Mauboy, John was onstage with them, as guitarist and Music Director. 

He has worked with the cream of the Australian industry, but always finds the time to bring his sublime guitar artistry to Jeremy Spoke, reminding audiences of just how awesome 90’s rock was, is and always will be.


Legends speak of a man who doesn’t play bass, but rather inhabits the instrument, abiding in the pulsating low frequencies like that Angel of Music dude in Phantom of the Opera. By day he seems not to exist, but when the sun retreats under the weight of the mysterious moon he appears, to stalk stages, bringing deep subtonal phatness to a world in peril. Many have searched for him in futility. Only the songs of the greatest 90s band in the country could snare this pariah of the bass guitar, and unleash him on adoring audiences.


​Having played with Doc Neeson, Matt Finish, Phil Emmanuel, Steve Edmonds, Mark Gable (Choirboys), Angry Anderson, Bob Spencer (Skyhooks and The Angels), and pretty much a who’s who of classic Australian rock, we believe that, with Justin, the search is over.

Justin Bianchi performing on set
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Bennet Livingstone holding other drummers to account as he smashes out hits


Originally hired purely for his ruggedly handsome features and impressively manly frame, it soon became apparent that Bennet Livingston also knew his way around the drums. 

This fella can play.

Good enough to share the stage with names like Lachy Doley, Jack Jones, Steve Balbi, Jak Housden, Alex Smith, Simon Meli, Natasha Stuart and Spencer Jones… to keep going would be bragging a little. Turns out he was raised on the first 3 Pearl Jam albums, and that’ll do me. We would not have any other man in the engine room of the grunge-fueled locomotive of Pearl Jam bangers that is Jeremy Spoke.


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