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The band Six and Out performing onstage.


An invite from PM Anthony Albanese to play a gig, gets Legendary Aussie Cricketing Rockers SIX & OUT Back On Stage performing for the first time in 20 years. The guys had so much fun that they decided to once again combine their love of cricket with a live ROCK show. With Brett Lee’s day job as a commentator on FOX sports, it’s been almost impossible for SIX & OUT to perform so they are taking the band to Brett for three shows while he is commentating the Australia V Pakistan test matches in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. So if you a fan of cricket or a fan of Aussie Rock ’n’ Roll, then here is your chance to see these legendary cricketing rockers back on stage where they belong.


But let’s first rewind to circa 2000 when five NSW and Australian test cricketers Brett Lee, Shane Lee, Gavin Robertson, Richard Chee Quee & Brad McNamara would play cricket for their state and country during the day then sweat it out performing their brand of cool covers and their iconic hit Can’t Bowl, Can’t Throw to packed venues Australia wide. Now fast forward to the summer of 23/24 and the boys are back in town and smashing it out of the park once again.


If you're a fan of cricket or Aussie Rock 'n' Roll, here's your chance to see these legendary cricketing rockers back on stage where they belong.

But let's first rewind to circa 2000. Five NSW and Australian test cricketers Brett Lee, Shane Lee, Gavin Robertson, Richard Chee Quee & Brad McNamara played for their country during the day and sweat it out with cool covers and their iconic hit Can't Bowl, Can't Throw to packed venues Australia wide.

Fast forward to the summer of 23/24: the boys are back in town and smashing it out the park again. Will the Shane Warne reference be a hit once more?


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Brett Lee - Bass Guitar Musician for Six and Out


The Guru. A man so dominant on the wing that when anyone else played there they paid him rent - cos he owned it. He never played a Test match he didn’t score in, and he’s never met a song he can’t rock. The Guru will have you in a meditative trance with the fattest guitar sound this side of Cumberland Oval.


Games: 190

Tries: 110

Premierships: 4

Opposing wingers stepped passed: Hundreds

Opposing wingers stepped over: Even more


Spudd has literally done it all. Played for half the teams in the NRL comp, plus all the rep ones, worked in Hollywood, and is now a mainstay of the Fox Sports League coverage. The man who sent Chief Harragon into an alternate dimension with THAT hitup, (you know the one. Look it up again on youtube, it never gets old) Spudd just happens to be a weapon on the electric guitar too. What a unit.


Games: 221

Tries: 12

Premierships: 1

Opposing Prop Forwards Destroyed: 357* 


*Some are still in intensive care

Shane Lee - Guitar, Vocals for Six and Out
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Gavin Robertson - Drums, Vocals for Six and Out


As a cricketer Cheeqs was as quick with his catches as he was between the wickets. Dubbed a ‘lad’ and ‘cheeky’ by the great Ken Sutcliffe (make of that what you will), Cheeqs finished his career with over 10,000 grade cricket runs and the scalps of many a top order batsmen in those safe hands of his. But that was only the beginning. Spending years tearing up stages as frontman of the iconic Six & Out, Cheeqs now leads the mighty True Sports Rock Show!


First Class Games: 45

Runs: 1905 (including THAT century against West Indies)

Audiences rocked: We lost count years ago


Playing in an era dominated by the legendary Shane Warne and Stuart MacGill, Robbo still managed to sneak one past both of them by playing a number of test and one dayers in Australian colours. He then exchanged his off-spin deliveries for verbal deliveries - making a name for himself as part of 2SM’s top rating afternoon show Talkin’ Sport. His verbose anecdotes and hilarious reparte with callers have established him as the funniest member of the team (well, according to this writer!). And all of this while being one of the best drummers in this fine land of ours.


First Class Games: 169

Wickets: 206 (including his legendary five for in India)

Face Melting Drum Solos: Thousands

Richard Chee Quee - Vocals for Six and Out
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Brad McNamara - Guitar, vocals for Six and Out


ARIA Hall of Famer Rick Grossman is exactly the man one needs in a tight situation. Turn on your radio. In about 10 minutes you’ll hear a song he’s provided pulsating bass on. 


Divinyls. Hoodoo Gurus. Matt Finish. Ghostwriters. Rick’s played with them all. He’s had more hit singles than I’ve had frosty ales. If there were more hours in the day he’d probably have more. 


But really, all of those bands were just warming up to his induction into True Sports. Now Rick has truly arrived home, combining with Robbo to lay down the engine room for this mighty show!


Legendary Australian Bands: 4                          Platinum Records: 2

Gold Records: 7                                                    Rugby Union Records: none

Premierships:1 (Under 7’s etc…)

Buildings Razed Through Throbbing Bass Lines: 7 




Sports people and rock n roll fans haven't had much in common over the decades, but Six & Out have gone a long way to change that. The group formed in the 1990s and toured venues around Australia, but eventually stopped touring after releasing their final EP, Bring it On!

The band is back now and ready to take New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia by storm. For a taste of their tour, check the images from previous gigs.


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